Afshan Noman


  • My name is Afshan Noman and I have been an educator for about 14 years. I have been teaching at Legacy for 3 years, In this long period of time, my students weren’t the only ones gaining knowledge in the classroom. I was learning too. Although, it’s important to spread enlightenment and go according to the syllabus, it’s also crucial to remember that every child in the classroom has his/her own identity. You can guide your students, nurture their minds, but never suppress what they are passionate about, instead encourage them. Gradually, they’ll come to think of you as not only a teacher but a friend. Hence, it would be easier to build bonds and solve problems together.

    Like any other educator, I hope to achieve certain goals in my classroom. I want to create a comfortable atmosphere, where children feel free to share their opinions. I also want my students to ‘act’ and not just ‘talk’. That is how they can make a difference in the world. Lastly, I want this year to be memorable and productive so that Legacy students have something to cherish forever.