It is with both high honor and privilege that I am able to teach at the Legacy Learning Center! My name is Ezzeldeen Elsayed and I am a double-major in International Studies and Political Science at IUPUI. I have been obsessed with social sciences and politics for as long as I can remember, and I am so incredibly happy and blessed that I am able to share my knowledge here at Legacy. My dream in life is to be a proffessor and to inspire young, passionate Muslim kids to pursue a career in politics. I want young, Muslim kids in America to care about what is happening in the world and to be strong advocates for justice and equality. I am teaching AP Government for this fall semester Inshallah and I want my kids to be well-versed and introspective political thinkers by the end of my course. I have high hopes for this year at legacy and through the grace of Allah SWT we will have a great year!