Legacy follows the academic standards established by the Indiana Department of Education; please review these standards here. High school AP courses follow the guidelines required by the College Board.

Because Legacy Learning Center is an educational school, teachers regularly intertwine ethic and cultural teachings within their lesson plans. For example, middle school students may read about the Adventures of the prominent scholar Nasruddin while covering a unit on irony. High school students may learn about the Big Bang Theory while reading parallel verses from the sacred books. In elementary school, students may study recycling as an imperative, since Allah the almighty commanded human beings to be His vicegerents, and in social studies, students may learn about community building as another vital concept. It is not uncommon for students to interpret literary texts and novels through a spiritual lens.

Teachers may also, at times, supplement textbooks that largely focus on Western history and literature with books and videos from and about Asia and Africa in order to adapt lessons to our student demographic.

All students are supplied with up-to-date textbooks and workbooks. All textbooks and workbooks (which are chosen by designated teachers) come from well-established institutions, such as McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Holt, Rinehart, Pearson Education and Winston. In addition, all elementary and middle school students have designated independent reading periods in addition to their English classes. A small library full of fiction and non-fiction works is provided for them.

As an aid in following student progress, all students complete the Terra Nova standardized test every spring. These tests, however, are only one aspect of the assessment progress. The school readily recognizes that standardized tests only assess a limited amount of what should be included in a well-rounded education. Therefore, we do not “teach to the test.”

In addition to the standard academic subjects (Math, Science, English language and literature, and Social Studies), all students take Islamic Studies history and Arabic language and calligraphy as Extra curricular from preschool through their junior or senior years.

Seniors may choose between four scheduling options:

1) take a full schedule at Legacy Learning Center and participate in an internship or weekly community service requirement
2) take the majority of classes through Legacy Learning Center but supplement them with dual-credit college courses, and complete an internship or weekly community service requirement
3) enroll in a vocational training course at a public high school in the morning, then complete three courses at Legacy Learning Center in the afternoons
4) take a part-time class load and spend the evening day in the language/Hafid training program.

To view graduation requirements and course descriptions, please review the Student Information section.


Many Legacy students pursue interests outside of school that demand significant commitments of both time and energy. Legacy faculty willingly work with students, parents and coaches to ensure that Soccer players, athletes and artists can compete, train, and perform without compromising academics. These students are expected to be scholars as well as athletes or artists, and we are committed to supporting the highest level of achievement as both