Where Does Legacy Receive Its Funds?

Legacy is a completely independent not-for-profit, tax exempt educational institution. It does not receive any funding from any overseas governments or organizations, nor does it have any special affiliations with any organizations within the United States.

Legacy Learning Center is eligible for the Choice Scholarship Voucher program. The Choice Scholarship program allows non-public schools to merit state funding based on the voucher eligible student enrolment in such schools.  

However even if every student were able to pay full tuition, Legacy Learning Center hosts a couple community fundraisers per year. We are heavily dependent upon these fundraisers, along with the support of individual families.

While the school wholeheartedly appreciates all donations, large and small, it does not and cannot give special privileges to donors. It is the school’s policy that all community members and all students be treated equally.

If you would like to feel the satisfaction of supporting the school on a monetary level and receive the blessings for doing so, please click on the button titled Giving to Legacy.

Your donations make up about 10% of Legacy’s’ operating budget, providing support for the  core programs that inspire students to achieve more, strive more, learn more, and ultimately, act more for the good of all.


  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Technology
  • Scholarships
  • Faculty Development
  • Athletics
  • The story is about a diverse group of gifted students pursuing their dreams. “Fame” promoted teamwork, instilled confidence and provided opportunities for our students to shine beyond traditional academic roles. From programming in the arts to sports to leadership to science, targeted giving allows Legacy to expand student horizons and seize opportunities for learning in and out of the classroom.
    This endowed scholarship was designed for low income grade students and provides the recipient with full tuition until graduation from Legacy.  It was created by contributions from the community and other members of Legacy’s family. 

The Legacy community prepares our children intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to thrive in a college setting and beyond. We provide students with the life-long purpose of active participation in global citizenship. Thank you for making Legacy Learning Center a place to be inspired and, “Learn more.”

Thank you!
Donate to Legacy scholarship Fund

Our prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. said: “To guide someone to the right path is better for you than what the sun and the moon can shade upon. Allah S.W.T. said in Surat Muhammad: “Here you are – those invited to spend in the cause of Allah – but among you are those who withhold [out of greed]. And whoever withholds only withholds [benefit] from himself; and Allah is the Free of need, while you are the needy. And if you turn away, He will replace you with other people; then they will not be the likes of you."(38)

It’s the sacred mission of knowledge, requires modern educational institutions that can compete with the time, challenge the present and most of all can operate with acumen.

Spending in the cause of constructing safe private schools and strengthening the existing ones are considered the best “Sadaqah Jariah" one could do in the present time. Hence, striving in the path of Allah is aimed at preserving our identity from any spiritual, ideological, and moral decline. We do so by constantly teaching, learning, educating, preserving and strengthening our understanding.

Please donate your Zakat and the Zakat of your accumulated wealth to build and strengthen the principles of our students in particular and the Muslim community children in general. According to our scholars, giving your Zakat money to schools funds is the best type of investment you could ever make for the cause of Allah, especially in such western climate. 

Please transfer your interest surplus, especially high interest rates, to Legacy Learning Center and do not leave them off to banks to be used in unknown causes. Please do not allow the interest surpluses to go away from Legacy School Scholarship.  It is considered “unlawful" for the account holder to use this benefit surplus for his own good, but nonetheless it is “HALAL" and permissible for any project aimed at advancing community interests. Nevertheless, you as an account holder will be rewarded for two reasons:

  1. You abstained from using the “haram" interest for yourself out of fear to Allah and rather used it for a different purpose seeking Allah’s satisfaction.
  2. You have acted as a mediator for a good cause by delivering this surplus money for good purpose. Allah SWT said: “He whoever does a small good will reap its benefit in the sight of Allah."

 I would like to remember my dear brothers and sisters that the Zakat money is Allah’s share in your wealth. Zakat won’t be void regardless of time, death, and poverty. No one can free himself of Zakat as long as it has not been paid. It will remain upon your shoulders until you pay it off. Allah SWT ordered us to hasten and compete in helping people and doing good deeds whenever necessary.

                                                     Please donate generously for our students’ educational future using Online Legacy Pay Pall                                 

Sheikh Tewfik Choukri

Dean, Legacy Learning Center Text