Tewfik Choukri

Position: Dean of Legacy Learning Center

The School Principal of Legacy Learning Center. Lead school wide efforts to build and maintain a strong, positive, achievement-oriented school culture where teachers, students, parents grow in a warm and joyful environment.

Formal Education

M.S. Education, Secondary Education, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, class of 2011 

Certificate Diploma in Community Building and Urban Education IUPUI (2009) 

M.S. Political Science / International Relations University of Algiers, Benaknoun, Algiers, Algeria (1999) (pending) 

B.S. Political Science / International Relations University of Algiers, Benaknoun, Algiers, Algeria (1997) 

B.S. Islamic Law (jurisprudence) University of Damascus, Syria June (1993) 

B.S. Certificate Diplomat in jurisprudence Sciences, Arabic Language and Arabic calligraphy, from Al-Furqan Institute, Damascus, Syria (1992) 

Ijaza and Certifications for the Seven (7) standard Quran Recitation Certified by Sheikh Muhammed Nouri al dirshawi al kurdee Aug 1993


Tewfik Choukri believes that culture and climate in an organization trump everything, and that all decisions should always be made in service of students. He prides himself on his approachability, and even keeps a jar of candy in his office to encourage kids to come in and share jokes. As a leader, he believes that an administration’s job is to clear the way for faculty and that transparent communication with parents is the key to a productive learning partnership.

After serving for five years as the school principal  at Al Ilm Weekend School in IMCA, he was asked IN 2008 to be the headmaster of its sibling school MTI School of Knowledge, which was struggling. He turned it around by obtaining IN 2009 the state accreditation and maintained student enrollment, boosted staff morale, and balanced the budget at the height of the recession without cutting a single educational program. He has raised funds and created scholarship endowment for low income student needs.

Dean of Legacy Learning Center  (Nov 2014 – Present) 
Teach Art (Calligraphy), Language and Islamic Studies for High School

School Principal (August 2008- Nov 2014)
Islamic School of Indianapolis

Legacy Institute – Fishers, IN
Plans and teaches semester-long courses in both English and Arabic Language, Aqeedah, Ulum al-Quran, Ulum al-Hadeeth, Usul al-Fiqh, as-Seerah Anabawiya, Tafsir, Parenting, Purification of the Heart, Arabic calligraphy Islamic history, Arabic grammar,Lecturing in different Universities and events and more…

Principal Volunteer (August 2003-2008)
Sunday School, Indianapolis, IN
Responsible for the oversight and management of all activities of a weekend School comprising of over 200 students. 

Tewfik Choukri Article Research:

A Case Study of One Islamic School in the Midwest. 

Article Critique: Advocacy and Involvement:

The Role of Parents in Western Islamic School.

The Purpose of Education from an Islamic perspective. 

Community Engagement: Communitarianism and the Moral Order of Schools. 

Mayors and Schools. 

Reflection on Mapping Project: Which Knowledge is of most worth. 

The Role of Education in Society.