Field Trips, Indoor & Outdoor Education

​Lessons taught in the classroom are complemented by learning in the field, and the knowledge gained about oneself while exploring the outdoors. With our location students have a unique opportunity to witness geology, biology, and snow science firsthand. Equally, if not more important, field trips, orientation trips, and winter hut trips provide a structured and safe environment for students to take risks, face and overcome challenges, and build confidence—leadership skills that will serve them their whole life. they see the world — the real world — and learn to operate confidently and comfortably in it. Experiences like this also build strong bonds among teachers and students, which serve as the foundation for our rapport-based learning community.
Field trips can be an excellent way to enliven the curriculum, provide hands-on field experience, spread culture, and strengthen a school’s community by providing enjoyable, inter-personal learning experiences. What’s especially important for Legacy Learning Center, though, is that field trips allow our students to learn more about the wider community surrounding them. With this in mind, LLC students have taken field trips to the following sites:

Field Trips

  1. Children Museum

  2. Apple orchard

  3. Zoo

  4. Fire Fighter Museum

  5. Fire hall field trip

  6. Central Library

  7. Corner Perrier

  8. State Museum

  9. Challenger Learning Center

  10. Bizz Town

  11. Fair Oak Farm

  12. Eco Lab, Marian University

  13. Holiday Park/Eagle creek Park

  14. State house

  15. Marengo Cave

  16. Family Field Trips

    • Skating

    • Incredible

    • Great Times

    • Amusement park

  17. UNIVERSITY Field Trip

    • IUPUI

    • Purdue

    • IU Bloomington

    • University of Chicago

    • University of Notre Dame

    • Butler

Indoor Activities

  1. Culture Day
  2. Coin War
  3. Sprit week
  4. Double day
  5. Science Day
  6. Art Day
  7. PE day
  8. Sport Day
  9. Math Day
  10. Decorate the school/class day
  11. Silly Safari
  12. Science in school program by Lilly
  13. First 100 days count down with 99 names of Allah
  14. Reading Day/Reading competition
  15. Book Fair
  16. Career Day
  17. In-class science workshop by Mad Science Lab
  18. “Let’s Make A Difference Week": A new community service activity takes place everyday
  19. School Lock-in: Welcome the freshman by having a lock-in or have an all school lock-in. Play games, have a treasure hunt, etc.

Outdoor Competitions

  1. Indiana Academic Spell Bowl

  2. Science fair

  3. Academic WorldQuest 2016

  4. Indiana Academic Decathlon

  5. Math Bowl

  6. NHD (National History Day)

  7. ICTM Math Competition

  8. Future City

  9. Siemens Competition

  10. The DuPont Challenge Science Essay Competition

  11. Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision Science Completion

  12. Arabic Spell Bowl

  13. Arabic/ Islamic study competition (in School)