Academic Contests

Each year, middle and high school students are eligible to enter multiple academic contests. First and foremost, participating in these contests allows our students to 'step out' of the school community and into the wider world. It also lets others learn more about us. Also, participation leads to improved self-confidence, stand out during the college admissions process, and even earn college scholarships. In addition, the competition created by contests has proven to enhance their interest in the subject matter.

School-wide contests available for our students (required on a rotating basis):

  • Qur'anic recitation events
  • IUPUI High School Math Competition
  • Central Indiana Science and Engineering Fair
  • Indiana Council of Teachers of Math Competition
  • Academic WordlQuest
  • Debate and Speech Team
  • IASP Math Bowl
  • National History Day Competition (local, state, and national levels)
  • National Merit and National Achievement Contests
  • Soccer, Ping Pong, and Volleyball sports competitions

Other contests have been entered on an individual basis, particularly those relating to art, creative writing, and speech.