Important Links

The College Board (here you will find information about the pSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams, along with college planning information.)

The Common Application (apply to multiple private colleges with one application!)

FAFSA on the Web

FastWeb (comprehensive search engine for college scholarships)

Indiana Department of Education (list of statewide academic standards)

Islamic School's League of America

IUPUI Span (Dual-Credit) Program

Marian University Advanced Study (Dual-Credit) Program

National Merit Scholarship Corporation

Petersons (College and graduate school planning, test preparation, financial aid)

Twenty-first Century Scholars Program

U.S. News Financial literacy resources:

financial literacy and credit card guide design specifically for students

The guide highlights the findings from a recent survey we conducted of student who own a credit card. From the results, we were able to identify and address the most common credit topics such as, credit scores and costs of credit, as well as providing tools that can help teach students about money and credit cards.

U.S. News & World Report’s 2018 student credit card survey and guide can be viewed here:

Ashley McNamara
Outreach Associate working with U.S. News & World Report