Grievance Form & Procedure

​Grievance Policy:

​Remember that “Students hassle” is not a synonym for “harassment.”

Parents or students who have a complaint against any student, teacher or staff-member should follow the procedures below in order to reach a satisfactory resolution:

1. Submit, in writing, a clear explanation of the issue at hand making sure to include: date, evidence, specific incidence(s), etc. Please delineate the essential facts to the person/Teacher in charge. If the issue is not resolved satisfactorily then you can take the issue to the administration for consideration.

2. If the complaint is not dealt with in a satisfactory manner, a copy of this written complaint should be submitted to the Administration.

3. If the complaint is still not dealt with in a satisfactory manner, a copy of the written complaint should be submitted to the Dean. We aim to respond to requests within 3 business days. Additional time may be required if transcribing materials to an alternative format is necessary.

Please send your complaint in writing to the school office at the attention of the dean ( If you have questions, please call: 317-423-2866
Be sure to write a concise statement of your grievance and state the remedy or relief you are seeking. Please sign your name and phone number.

Filing a grievance can provide you with an avenue for resolving issues when other efforts have failed. But unless you initiate a grievance, there is no requirement that Legacy School respond at all, no timelines applicable for a response, and no assurance that any action will be taken. Please do not texts message the person in charge.
Regardless of the merits of your grievance, if you don’t file within the timelines of 3 days or less from the time you become aware of the problem) you will likely lose for the procedural reason of filing late.