Student Volunteer Program

To further its goal of tailoring its curriculum to perceive student needs, LLC will require, as of the 2015-2016 school year, all seniors who do not participate in career training to participate in a community service elective during their final two semesters.

The purpose of such an elective, according to its supporters, is threefold:  to help fulfill the Muslim requirement of helping others and creating positive change within the wider community; to prepare the students, both socially and emotionally, to transition from a predominantly Muslim environment here to the profoundly diverse one surrounding them; and to teach them how to engage in the job search process. Therefore, all students must complete their service requirement outside the Muslim community.

Students will be graded according to how proactively they seek volunteer employment, whether or not they work the required amount of hours, and how well they write their weekly reflection reports. The class will fulfill two elective credits of the graduation requirement.