Legacy Learning Center Admission Policies 2019-2020

Admissions policies for Legacy Learning Center include adherence to the following criteria:

Age Requirements  

An applicant for the 3 year old Pre-K program must be three years old, an applicant for the 4 year old Pre-K program must be four years old, and an applicant for Kindergarten must be five years old by August first of the school year.

Academic Requirements

For grades 1-8, the applicant will be scheduled for a “placement test" and/or achievement testing to assess the student’s educational needs in relation to the anticipated grade level enrollment. Incoming freshmen are asked to take a Math, English, and Science placement test. The grade placement for all students is assumed to be in accordance with previous fully completed grade level course work. However, should previous testing, teacher checks, or other school records indicate a question of placement, the Case Conference Committee and the family will discuss and agree on the final placement and the possible inclusion of additional services according to the needs of the student.  Please note that LLC is not equipped to meet all special educational needs.

Health Records

Indiana state law requires immunization records to be provided to the school. LLC requires immunization records to be submitted with the application, if not provided, then the school will obtain immunization records from the child’s previous school.

Interview for Admission

An interview with the principal and an admissions committee representative is a necessary step in the admissions process for (grades 5-12). The principal and an admission committee representative will address and explain all academic requirements during the interview. The admission interviews are normally 20-30 minutes in length. The interview process helps assess the parents’ motivation in seeking the student’s enrollment at Legacy Learning Center, as well as the student’s willingness to attend and adhere to the discipline policies. It is also designed to ascertain the likelihood that the school and family can cooperate on the spiritual, philosophical, and academic issues involved in the education of their child. The parents must endorse the enrollment contract which includes general purposes and policies of the school.

Admission Decisions

Acceptance to the school is based on the compatibility of the family with the general mission and purpose of the school, the student’s desire to attend the LLC, and the needs of the student along with the school’s ability to meet those needs.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Legacy Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin, or disability. The school does, however, reserve the right to deny admission to any individual who cannot benefit from the experience based on past academic achievement and behavioral concerns.

New Families

New families’ applications for the upcoming school year are processed according to the date the application is received by the school’s administration (after the deadline for current family re-enrollment and new sibling application). The Administration reserves the right to accept later applications to accommodate other factors vital to overall school needs. The application fee is $100 for new applicants and $50 for re-enrollment. Application forms may be downloaded off of the website under the Parents (Admissions) tab or requested from the Admissions Office by calling (317-423-2866).

New applications should include copies of each student’s current report card, most current standardized test scores, and behavioral report, if applicable. Current family applications for future enrollments for Pre-K and Kindergarten students are accepted at any time as these classes fill up quickly. New Family applications for the coming school year can be submitted at any time during the school year prior to the requested year of enrollment. Transfer applications during the school year are accepted at any time; however, they will be processed based on space availability and completion and adherence to all application requirements.

Current Families Enrolling New Students

Current LLC families have the opportunity to apply for additional students from their family, before May 1, for priority enrollment. If you are a current family interested in enrolling a sibling for the first time, please come to the front desk to pick up “An enrollment application" form.  Return the completed form with an application fee of $100 for each student you wish to enroll.