Zoha Khan


Dear Legacy Parents,
My name is Zoha Khan. I am pursuing my Neuroscience and Biology at IUPUI
with a minor in Chemistry. The past two years at IUPUI I have had the pleasure of
leading classes in Chemistry and Biology with a total of over 50 college students
served. I am now passionate on bringing the talents and knowledge I have learned over
the past years to Legacy Learning Center. I am teaching the students Honors Physics,
and am doing so by incorporating college material into their learning experience. This
will allow them to challenge themselves to grow and understand material they may have
seen as overwhelming at the start. A little more about me, I am a premedical student
looking to pursue a career with a specialty in surgery. I had the pleasure of shadowing a
Cardiologist and two cardiovascular surgeons and instantly knew the career path I
choose with revolve around this organ system. But of course the plan can be changed
according to Allah (SWT) and so I remain hopeful, optimistic, but also humble knowing
that Allah knows best and I will be whatever Allah has planned out for me. If you have
any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to email me at mozkhan@iu.edu. May
Allah make this a blessed school year, Ameen.